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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a spiritual healing art based on the principle that with light touch, therapists can channel energy into the patient, activating the natural healing processes and restoring physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is a safe and soothing treatment suitable for anybody, from adults and children, to expectant mothers. Reiki is a deep form of energy healing which works to align you to your true potential, remove any energy that no longer serves you and helps you to achieve ultimate inner peace and happiness. 

Reiki replenishes the body's life energy whilst enabling the release of any depleted energies. This ensures optimal flow and even distribution of energy throughout each chakra, resulting in balance, elimination of disease and powerful healing and cleansing. 

Benefits of Reiki:

Helps aid in the process of letting go of what is no longer needed

Reduces tension and stress 

Generates inner-peace, harmony, and balance 

Can improve quality of sleep 

Provides a gentle, safe, non-intrusive form of healing from trauma 

Facilitates a deep state of relaxation 

Calming for children 

Awakens a life filled with love, compassion, gratitude, peace, and happiness! 

“Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well-being, Well-being is freedom from disease” - Dr Mikao Usui 



One to one 60-90 minutes reiki sessions (£150) at Cloud Twelve also include access to our Sauna, Steam Room, Himalayan Salt Room and Meditation Lounge, the perfect complement after your reiki session to prolong relaxation. 

1 x 60 - 90 mins reiki session with Filipa focuses on presenting support to the challenges that people face everyday, Filipa has trained for 14 years, learning from renowned Masters, Yogis, Gurus, Teachers and Lamas. 

With the techniques that Filipa mastered such as Reiki which she practices with passion and dedication, which have been helping people with different kinds of problems i.e. providing relaxation, facilitating deep healing and encouraging personal development and self discovery. This has allowed those who see her to reach states of blissful inner-peace and let go of what is no longer serving them. 

Enjoy our Meditation Lounge at The Spa after your reiki session to prolong relaxation. 

"I have been receiving reiki sessions from Filipa for the last 7 years. Her healing is very powerful. It helped me to overcome so many obstacles in my life. She exudes a calm and nurturing energy which is transmitted through her whole being and into the various healing modalities she practices including reiki. She helps me to perceive my blockages and their associated feelings and pain that can then be transformed with her help and support through Reiki".

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