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Children's Wellbeing Clinic and Integrative Family Medicine

Children's Wellbeing Clinic

Integrative Medicine - what is it all about?

Is a form of Medicine offered by medical doctors who care a lot about establishing a healthy patient/ practitioner partnership, who offer a wide range of investigation to identify the root causes of illness, considering all aspects of wellness. Integrative family medicine is about combining conventional approaches with alternative evidence-based treatments. Dr. Boecklin has been practicing integrative medicine in both the NHS and private practice for more than 20 years. She aims to offer natural less invasive interventions that are based on good science and to critically evaluate the results of each treatment plan. Parents and children of all ages are welcomed to attend this clinic.

During an Integrative Medicine consultation, Dr Boecklin will take the time and consideration to really understand the personal context in which your illness exists. This is achieved through in-depth and detailed discussions about your nutrition, sleep patterns, digestion patterns, stress level, social support systems, hobbies, and any medications you are taking.

She will also review all your medical records and conduct a full physical exam that may incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis approaches, such as tongue and pulse exams. 

Dr Boecklin will only be offering online and phone consultations until July 2022



Children's Wellbeing Clinic (Under 12s)

Children's Wellbeing Clinic Initial Consultation 60 mins - £185

Dr Boecklin is a medically qualified homeopath and acupuncturist who will help with both the diagnostic and management of children’s health problems with a full medical examination of babies and children followed by a prescription of individualized homeopathic remedies as well as flower essences that can be safely given to babies and children of all ages to help with a wide range of both emotional and physical problems. The use of gentle acupressure or pediatric acupuncture can be offered as part of the treatment plan. 

Does your child struggle with any of these? Would you like to address these problems with a safe and yet effective approach?

Emotional development problems/ behavioural problems:

• Tantrums, Defiance or arguing, Excessive worrying, Exam nerves, Anger or irritability, Difficulty sleeping, Absent minded/ Poor concentration, Aggressiveness, Attention seeking, Anxiety/ Fearfulness, Jealousy, Oversensitivity and Grief and loss.


• Asthma, Minor injuries, Bedwetting, Cold coughs Chest complaints, Digestive problems (colic, constipation, diarrhoea, food poisoning, vomiting, nausea, unexplained abdominal pains), Recurrent earaches, Eye problems, Fever and flu, Food intolerances and Headaches.

Children's Wellbeing Clinic Follow-up Consultation 30 mins - £120

Discussion of lab test results, review of progress and adjustment of treatment plan.

Children's Acupuncture Session 30 mins - £90

Gentle needling of maximum 4 acupoints combined with massage and acupressure and teaching of massage technique for parents to apply at home.

Flower essences or aromatherapy oils applied to acupoints for enhanced trans-cutaneal absorption.

Adult Clinic

Integrative Medicine Initial Consultation 90 mins - £200

Investigations offered:

 A series of laboratory tests may be prescribed to help the development of the treatment plan, these may include comprehensive stool tests, allergy and intolerance tests, hormonal profiles, cardiovascular risk tests, DNA tests, nutritional profiles, environmental toxicity, and many more using specialized laboratories like Genova Diagnostic, Biolab, Regenerous Lab, Invivo Diagnostic.

A therapeutic plan can include:

 - Detox plan suggestions if and when required are prescribed to facilitate better response to the designated treatment.

- Individualised homeopathic and or flower essence remedies are prescribed as part of the extensive treatment plan. Remedies are chosen to facilitate both physical and emotional healing.

- Dietary advice and prescription of nutritional supplements.

- Suggestions of lifestyle modifications including recommendation of the most suitable combination of physical exercises and teaching of mind-body self-led therapies.

- Acupuncture treatment courses are suggested if well indicated: each session is individualised to the specific requirements of the patient. 

- Hands-on healing techniques are also offered to help to achieve deep relaxation and can be combined within the acupuncture session.

Integrative Medicine Follow-up Consultation 50 mins - £150

Discussion of lab test results, review of progress and adjustment of treatment plan. 

No acupuncture is included in this appointment.

Acupuncture Menu 

Initial Acupuncture Session 80 mins - £180

A combination of the following techniques may be offered according to each person’s individual needs:

- Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

- Western Medical Acupuncture

- Auriculotherapy with use of Pointoselect Digital, the most advanced auriculotherapy point detection and treatment device to date.

- Scalp Acupuncture 

- Electro-Acupuncture 

- Oncology Acupuncture

- Acupressure

- Flower essences or aromatherapy oils applied to acupoints for enhanced trans-cutaneal absorption.

Acupuncture Short Follow-up Session 50 mins - £150

A shorter session of acupuncture more indicated if on a course of weekly treatments.

Acupuncture Long Follow-up Session 80 mins - £180

A longer session of acupuncture for the repeat guest more indicated if on a course of weekly treatments.

Practitioners & Pricing

Dr Federica Boecklin

Medical Doctor

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