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The Head Spa

Introducing the London's Premium Head Spa 

Introducing revolutionary Head Spa Treatments for the ultimate in hair & scalp health and rejuvenation. Tackling hair & scalp health issues such as hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis & hair thinning. 

This 3-in-1 treatment focuses on the head, scalp and face

Cloud Twelve, a leading luxury spa in the heart of Notting Hill - named Best Day Spa by Vogue - is excited to announce the launch of its new Head Spa, focusing on hair and scalp facials. This premium Head Spa combines holistic hair and scalp care, herbal medicine with a luxurious spa experience. 

The Head Spa Treatments are designed to provide the ultimate experience for revitalisation of the hair and scalp, using high-quality products and advanced techniques to target specific concerns. These treatments have been expertly curated by a respected Trichologist Tiffany Hall and expert Herbalist and Naturopath Jenya Di Pierro who specialises in female health.

Hair & Scalp Facial Treatments

Bespoke Head Spa Experience

70 mins - From £190


Ultimate Bespoke Head Spa Experience

90 mins - From £245

Chose from the below treatments or let our Therapists select the appropriate treatment following your Scalp Analysis. 

  • Hair Loss (Energising) Scalp Facial - Ideal for hair loss & preventative for forms of alopecia
  • Dry / Sensitive (Calming) Scalp Facial - Ideal for sensitive or irritated scalps; to detoxify & calm
  • Dandruff (Purifying) Scalp Facial - Ideal for dandruff or flaking scalps & those suffering from psoriasis
  • Oily (Rebalancing) Scalp Facial - Ideal or oily scalps; treating excess sebum 


Super-active ScalpTreatment - targeting hair & scalp concerns as identified during your consultation

What to Expect from this 3-in-1 treatment:

  1. Comprehensive Scalp Analysis with Advanced Dermascope Technology

  2. Detoxifying Brazilian Clay Scalp Mask or Invigorating Purifying Gel Treatment

  3. Luxurious Sensory Scalp Massage with Specialised Tools

  4. Bespoke Shampoo Treatment

  5. Face, Neck & Décolleté Massage 

  6. Refreshing Waterfall Rinse
  7. Hot Face Mask with Pressure Points
  8. Medicinal Herbal Steam Mist
  9. Invigorating Head & Scalp Massage
  10. Heskiers OneTool Face & Neck Fascia Stretching Massage 
  11. LED Scalp Brush
  12. Highly Potent Super-Active Scalp Treatment
  13. Restorative Homeopathic Hair Vitality Elixir
  14. Re-analysis with dermascope: Optional
  15. Expert Hair Styling: Optional
  16. Personalised at-home hair care, supplement, diet & lifestyle recommendations
  17. Hair Tea in our beautiful brasserie to complete your treatment 



Ultimate Head Spa Experience

Upgrade for added luxury. Enjoy all of the 17-steps as set our in our Bespoke Head Spa Treatment with the additional perks of:

  • Extended Neck, Face & Décolleté Massage 
  • Soothing Crystal Eye Mask
  • Oxygenated Super Active Scalp Therapy
  • Targeted Face Mask
  • Scalp and Hair Mask with Massage



Add On’s for Extra Hair & Scalp TLC

  • Blow Dry + From £40
  • Naturopath consultation with Jenya Di Pierro - £150
  • Trichology & PRP services from Tiffany Hall - £150

We are thrilled to offer our clients this innovative and results-driven service. We’ve noticed an increase in problematic hair & scalp conditions in both male and female clients who are looking for alternative solutions.

Regular scalp facials have been proven to promote healthier, stronger and more vibrant hair whilst also addressing concerns such as dandruff, thinning or hair loss.  

Head Spa’s have been a viral sensation in Korea, Japan & the US. We want to lead the way for the UK with a Head Spa with Trichology approved treatments.