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Our appetite for London living is undiminished, our tastes unchanged but, as parents, precious time with our children becomes incompatible with the places we want to go, because they simply don’t cater to us as a family. At the same time, the young professionals among us are struggling to manage increasingly busy schedules and more importantly, find a moment of ‘me time’.

‘Surely there should be places to go that are geared towards adults’ tastes but equally cater to children too?’

Inspiration for Cloud Twelve came from many different avenues. Firstly, having spent ten years living in Japan, I became deeply fascinated with their spa culture. In Japan, a visit to the spa is considered an integral part of one’s weekly routine, as vital as going to the gym, providing emotional, physical and mental balance to help manage stress and detoxify the body.

After I moved to the UK, I began studying naturopathy and herbal medicine to help find natural ways to cure serious illness for someone very dear to me. Through my studies, I discovered an amazing knowledge of the power of plants and natural remedies, which have been passed down from our ancestors for centuries, but have now become somewhat lost in our modern lives.

Although we are living longer, our overall health is deteriorating. It was a revelation to note how simple some of these naturopathic principles are, yet how they can turn around our well-being completely. I wanted to share this knowledge with everyone, and create something realistic and achievable in the context of our busy lives. That’s how the idea of an urban wellness clinic and nutritionally focused space came about.

Then, of course, life’s little pleasures: eating well, laughing, having fun and the occasional glass of wine are often the best contributors to being well. And so, the brasserie was created as a place where people can meet, eat and drink, while feeling at home.

‘I want to be the best version of myself – healthy, happy, fit, beautiful, relaxed, spiritual, fun, glam, a supportive friend, a good parent – how can I have it all?’

After spending 17 years in banking, I had a real appreciation for how challenging it was to find time to have it all, and I was sure busy mothers were in the same situation. So for me, personally a club that had everything under one roof was the perfect solution.

Ultimately, I wanted to create a unique space where like-minded individuals, with or without children, can relax and enjoy themselves. An interactive play zone for families, an indulgent spa, luxury salon, nutritionally focused brasserie and wellness clinic. A third space between work and home that brings friends and families alike together to relax, share ideas, learn new skills and improve overall wellness.

Together we have developed a concept that promotes love; not just for yourself, your friends and family, but for the community, the planet, and all beings on it.

I hope Cloud Twelve will help you to find those moments to rediscover life’s little, and often greatest, pleasures.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Jenya Di Pierro