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Aesthetics & Anti-Ageing

Facial Aesthetics West London

The Cloud Twelve approach to skin rejuvenation focuses on enhancing natural beauty with a less-is-more ethos. In a world where we can completely change how we look, our principle is to keep it natural, never leaving anyone wondering whether you have had ‘work’ done.

Cloud Twelve's Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Doctor Lizzie Tuckey has embraced this philosophy throughout her medical career, helping her clients to achieve ultimate skin health via in-depth skin scrutiny and 3D photography, before deciding which course of bespoke treatments is right.



Anti-Wrinkle Injections | From £395

The signs of ageing can be seen from crows feet to forehead wrinkles, lip lines and jowls - all demonstrating a life well lived. But the balance can sometimes tip unfavourably, and this is where Botox injections come in. Reducing the wrinkle line by tightening the facial muscles, Dr Lizzie employs ‘Baby Botox’ where just a small amount of Botox is used, creating a natural look. After ten days, clients find their faces less tired-looking, with a fresh radiating glow.

Good for: Forehead wrinkles, crows feet - side of the eyes, upper lip lines, gummy smile, droopy mouth, jowls, face slimming, bunny lines on the nose.

Results visible from: 2 days to 3 weeks

Dermal Fillers | From £495

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers mimics a naturally occurring substance in the body. The supply of hyaluronic acid decreases as we age, causing our skin to lose volume, tone, and elasticity. Juverderm is an FDA approved calcium hydroxylapatite subdermal filler. They can be used to replace volume loss and structure as well as fill wrinkles.

Good for: Skin hydration, lip volume, cheek and jaw line augmentation, nose to mouth lines.

Results visible from: 10 days

Lip volume and rejuvenation | From £595

Lips can be affected by a lack of collagen, whose production begins to decrease with age. This leads to thinner, less plump lips. And for some, having fuller lips at any age is something that gives the face focus and definition. Introducing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers which stimulate the body’s natural collagen. Dr Lizzie’s clients are amazed to see successful results immediately.

Good for: Thin lips, asymmetrical lips, lips affected by loss of volume and definition.

Results visible from: 10 days

Eight point non-surgical face lift | From £495

Sometimes a full facial overhaul is required, and with Dr Lizzie’s, her eight-point face lift is completely non-surgical. Instead, she uses her laser sharp eye to apply precision derma filler injections to stimulate the body’s natural collagen. Covering eight points, results can be seen by volume increase in cheeks, reduce of nasolabial creases, lifting the mouth via the marionette lines, reducing dark circles by filling tear troughs and definition of the jaw line. Overall skin is tightened and plumped, taking years off.

Good for: Cheeks, nasolabial folds, tear troughs, marionette lines, jaw line.

Results visible from: 10 days

Profhilo Injections | From £595

Hyaluronic Acid has made a name for itself popping up in a plethora of beauty products. But what makes Profhilo stand out is its super strong concentration of hyaluronic acid, and as it is injectable, it can target the skins dermis directly, allowing it to create collagen cells which tighten the skin. After a few weeks, skin is plumper and younger looking.

Good for: Fine lines, large pores, skin texture, hand wrinkles, neck wrinkles, jowls.

Results visible from: 10 days

Skin Analysis | From £200

An essential part of Dr Lizzie’s treatment plans, her in-depth skin analysis via Skin Visia will give you a thorough and informed view of your skin to assess your needs. The technology reviews red spots, sun damage, pore size, bacteria and hydration giving an overall picture of how your skin is now and how it may age. Dr Lizzie is skilled at reading the imagery which will serve as a baseline for your treatment plan.

Good for: Ageing skin, fine lines, sun damage.

Tear troughs and under eyes | From £595

Making eye contact is human nature, and it’s often one of the first areas that shows the sign of ageing. Speak to Dr Lizzie about her hyaluronic acid fillers, which applied under the eye can reduce the shadowing caused by loss of volume. Put that sparkle back into your eyes

Good for: Dark circles, under eye wrinkles.

Results visible from: 10 days

Double chin reduction | From £595

Having a double chin can give you a self-conscious profile, plus it’s a very difficult place to tone or loose fat from. Let Dr Lizzie introduce you to Aqualyx, her innovative injections which target and break down small areas of fat. Say goodbye to your jowl and enjoy a new streamline you.

Good for: Double chins, jowls, loose jaw line.

Results visible from: 10 days

Body contouring | On request

You’ve tried diet and exercise, you’ve reached your target weight, yet that same stubborn area of fat still remains. Often genetics are at play, and no amount of calorie counting or time at the gym will help. What to do? Enter Dr Lizzie’s Aqualyx injections. It’s a simple process where Aqualyx is injected into fatty deposits, causing the cell walls to break down and be absorbed into the body. Even better, Aqualyx is a natural substance found in our bodies. A great treatment with results in four to six weeks.

Good for: Tummy, love handles, bingo wings, saddlebags and banana rolls.

Results visible from: 10 days


Practitioners & Pricing

Dr Lizzie Tuckey

Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Doctor

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