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Facial Aesthetics West London

The Cloud Twelve approach to skin rejuvenation focuses on enhancing natural beauty with a less-is-more ethos. In a world where we can completely change how we look, our principle is to keep it natural, never leaving anyone wondering whether you have had ‘work’ done.



About Our Resident Practitioners


Dr Alvin Penalosa treatments include

Initial Consultation with Dr. Alvin Penalosa |  £80

A medical consultation starts off the client’s Aesthetic journey. We discuss the past medical history of the patient as well as current medications they are on. I then listen to the patient’s Aesthetic concerns. A relevant physical examination and Aesthetic evaluation is subsequently done to properly create an individualised treatment plan aligned with the patient’s goals and which are appropriate to the age, gender, and ethnicity of the patient.


These treatments are not only designed to correct established ageing signs such as lines, wrinkles, and tissue sagging; but they also serve to prevent future/further damage.  

Neuromodulation Injections eg Botox™, Bocouture™ 

Face 1 area I £115

Package of 3 areas (forehead, frown, crows feet) I £280 

These are localised, superficial injectables that act at the point where the nerve connects with the muscle, preventing signal from completely transferring from the nerve to the muscle. This results in muscles that are relaxed, allowing for little or no movement of the muscle identified as causing the lines of the face to form. Popular areas of treatment are the forehead and in between the eyebrows for wrinkles as well as the eye area for crow’s feet.    

Dermal Fillers I From £200/0.5ml

Composed of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance naturally produced in the body, dermal fillers come in different levels of thickness and viscosity. This allows the filling of deep or superficial wrinkle lines of the face. The most dense and thickest of these are used to lift areas that have sagged such as the cheeks and the jawline by creating a scaffolding underneath skin and underlying tissue.   

Profhilo skin bioremodelling | From £400/2ml

Profhilo is a specific type of Hyaluronic Acid injectable in that it provides long-term hydration of the skin without necessarily providing volume, an effect that is more synonymous with it’s cousin the dermal fillers. It catalyses an effect called bioremodelling which allows for a reorganisation of collagen filaments within the skin and surrounding tissue resulting in better hydration and less apparent lines and wrinkles. This creates better tone and texture to the skin by correcting the cause of the skin’s ageing rather than just hydrating it externally.  


Neuromodulation injections for enhanced jawline I £300

Neuromodulation injections such as the trademark Botox ad Bocouture can be used to contract the muscles along the jawline to make the jaw more defined. This treatment is usually combined with fat-dissolving injections for the skin for a better chin and jawline contour.  

Fat Dissolving for double chin I £400

In some patients, adequate exercise may not be enough to get rid of body fat. Fat cells swell and shrink depending on the amount of fat we have in our body and diet but most just remain shrunken when we lose weight. They are still there, lying dormant until we again overindulge and they are fed with fat to swell up. Aqualyx™ is injected into the area that has the most amount of fat under the chin, or indeed other parts of the body with stubborn fat. This compound causes the fat cells to swell up and undergo cell death. These are then filtered out through the lymphatics. The result is a much more defined profile.

Package: Neuromodulation injection plus fat dissolving for jawline I £625

Non-Surgical Nose shaping I From £500

Also known in the media as the liquid nose lift, dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic acid are injected to add definition and height or smoothen the profile of a nose.  


Bruxism/Teeth Grinding treatments I £300

There is a large reported part of the population that suffer from nighttime teeth grinding. These are usually noted by dentists when, on teeth examination and cleaning, there are signs of teeth abrasions. Patients who teeth grind often get jaw pain or headache in the morning at waking or their partners complain of the sound they make at night when they grind their teeth. Neuromodulation injections such as Botox™ or Bocouture™ can be injected directly into the muscle of the jaw angle to prevent this night time teeth grinding. This only affects subconscious teeth grinding and will not change the natural way the patient is chewing while awake.  

Hyperhydrosis/Excess perspiration treatment (estimated price on consultation depending on size of area) I From £500 

Another common application of Neuromodulation injections is the treatment of excess perspiration especially in the underarm area. Whether the excess perspiration is genetic or a result of stress, there is a cohort of patients who feel very self-conscious about the water stains on shirts or dresses. Botox™ or Bocouture™ can be injected superficially in small doses over a large area to prevent the nerves from completely activating superficial sweat glands.  



Practitioners & Pricing

Dr. Alvin Penalosa

Medical Doctor & Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner
GMC Registered & Certifications in dermal fillers for aesthetic applications, botulinum neuromodulation injections for cosmetic use, Profhilo injectables, as well as Aqualyx for fat dissolving.