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Time for a spring clear out of your lingerie drawers

Susana Lorena from Maison SL gives women an exclusive insight into how you can do a spring lingerie clear out! Our community partner is also offering ALL Cloud Twelve customers a discount on their first purchase before end of June 2022.

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Natural Antihistamines for Hayfever

As the days are getting longer and brighter, flowers are starting to blossom and the smell of freshly cut grass fills the air, my herbal pharmacy gets busy bottling natural antihistamines in preparation for the ‘sneezing season’. Read my top 6 herbs which help relieve hayfever symptoms.

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5 nutrition hacks

Here's 5 nutrition hacks and their positive impact on your body, mind and soul.

The complexity and power of the body is fascinating, even some simple dietary interventions can make a big difference on your overall health, mental clarity, wellbeing, looks and performance.

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Top 7 herbs for 2022

Read Jenya's top 7 herbs for 2022. Find out how you can keep healthy and balanced this year by adding beautiful healing plants within your wellness journey.

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Herbs and tips for winter wellness

Read Jenya's top herbs and tips for winter wellness. Take a read to gain insight on how you can be healthy and fit all winter long and not succumb to colds, flu, low moods or seasonal sluggishness with the help of diet, exercise, herbs and immune boosting wellness therapies.

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Your guide to Adaptogens

If your post-lockdown lives are busier than ever, it’s so vital to take time for yourself doing things that you love. Below are Jenya’s favourite healthy habits that bring her back to balance. What do you do to get to your optimal state?

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