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Cloud Twelve provides a one-of-a-kind space where members can celebrate and commemorate those special occasions. Our experienced team and event planner will work with you to create inspirational and memorable bespoke birthdays and celebratory events for children and adults, offering entertainment, catering, games and music.

Each term you can enjoy a range of family activities including celebratory shows and parties, as well as seasonal classes and signature events, such as baby raves.

Our wellness events programme is designed to support your lifestyle choices and health goals. We offer a range of activities, from interactive cooking classes hosted by our executive chefs to educational sessions focused on mindfulness, beauty, art and specific natural health topics, such as immunity and fertility, to inspire and educate.

From interactive cooking classes and baby raves to educational sessions focused on health, beauty and art, join us to get inspired and have fun at Cloud Twelve.

Upcoming Events

Fitness Classes Notting Hill | Barre | Dynamic Pilates | Sculpt Classes

New Fitness Classes: Level Up London

We've teamed up with Level Up London to bring you Dynamic Pilates, Immersive Barre and Sculpt Classes from Monday 21st September.

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Women and Finances | Notting Hill Family Club

Money Matters: How to talk to your children about money

Insights on how you should talk to your children about money, and why it is so important for their future understanding of money management.

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Future of Sustainability | Juliet Kinsman | Anna Hunt Shaman | Jenya Di Pierro | Notting Hill Wellness Clinic

Be a Part of Creating a Healthier Future for People and Planet

We're joined by sustainability expert Juliet Kinsman, Shaman Anna Hunt and Herbalist Jenya Di Pierro for a breakfast seminar on how interlinked protecting the earth and our own wellbeing truly is. Read More

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