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The word Trichology is derived from the Greek word trikhos, meaning hair (singular). In the general and broadest sense, Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair. In a clinical sense, Trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the scalp and hair.


Tiffany offers the following thricology treatments 

Initial Consultation - £200

This is a face-to-face clinic consultation that includes an in-depth analysis of your scalp and hair using a Trichoscope to examine your hair follicles and the density of your hair. 

Starting from the inside out, we explore together your general health and well-being alongside your medical history, blood test analysis,hormones and genetic factors that could be contributing to the condition of your scalp and hair.  

A pre-consultation form will be sent to you and must be completed and submitted at least 24hrs before your appointment. 

Follow up - £50

A follow-up may be required due to the diagnosis of your Trichoscope results. You will be offered a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. This plan will include the following: 

  • Product regime 
  • External Hair Care Plan 
  • Nutritional and Hormonal support 
  • Referrals
  • Blood test analysis 

3-4 month next steps and treatment recommendations This is available either face-to-face in-clinic or on Zoom.

An online portal is available where you can access your treatment plan and arrange any follow up appointments.

Scalp Scope - £50

Certain scalp conditions can result in breakage and even hair loss, as the follicle can miniaturize over time, causing the follicle to die off. 

So it's vital to take the signs- like redness,irritation and itchiness seriously and to invest in routine and prevention. 

  • Benefits of a Scalp Scope
  • Compare areas of hair loss to normal areas. 
  • Examine hair shaft and cuticle for physical & chemical damage such as split ends and breakage.
  • View hair follicle condition, such as sebum clogging, closed follicles, damaged follicles, dead skin & oil clogged follicles.
  • Examine scalp for moisture content, oil content, dead skin, inflammations, dandruff, seborrhea, psoriasis.
  • Determine oiliness or dryness of hair.
  • Recognize chemical damage due to harsh products & overuse of products.
  • Locate capillaries in the scalp for proper circulation.

*Establish visual evidence of hair condition to make a bespoke treatment plan, this includes recommendations for products & services. *If a custom bespoke treatment plan is required this is an additional £150

PRP - £300

 Tiffany's tailored PRP therapy combines your plasma with a personalised plan that not only promotes scalp health but also enhances hair growth. Platelets in your blood contain growth factors that stimulate tissue regeneration, resulting in thicker and healthier hair. The process involves drawing your blood, processing it in a PRP machine, disinfecting the treatment area, and Tiffany skillfully injecting PRP into your scalp with a fine needle, fostering a revitalised scalp and improved hair growth.

For Clients Going through Cancer Treatment 

Tiffany has completed the Cancer Hair UK training programme and has up-to-date research and education with the Charity. 

Tiffany offers a complimentary in-person or online consultation service for the clients first consultation to discuss their hair loss concerns, know what treatments are available to them whether that is at the start of the hair loss journey or after they have finished their chemotherapy/ or radiotherapy and are on their new hair growth journey. 

Tiffany has information from where to find scalp cooling, wig recommendations and tips all through to ideas for styling hair bands , hair pieces and how to make you feel empowered whilst going through treatment /or after completing treatment.