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Our Philosophy

Everything we do is guided by six main principles. We believe in:

Achieving emotional, mental and physical balance, with a dose of fun

We believe that achieving emotional, mental and physical balance is the key to living longer and happier. We can restore our equilibrium by harnessing the healing powers of nature through herbs and natural remedies passed down from our ancestors, and taking time to enjoy the simple things in life: eating well, relaxing, laughing and sipping a glass of bubbles with friends.

Together we do more – we believe in sharing experiences and creating a connected community

Togetherness gives us a beautiful and safe sense of belonging. Our unique space is a sanctuary to bring together friends and families alike.

A relaxing home away from home, where sharing ideas, enjoying new experiences and making long-lasting memories go side by side.

We support global citizenship: our community starts in Notting Hill, but spreads far beyond any borders.

Beauty all around, inside and out

Real beauty comes from the core. We believe in a holistic approach, where fresh organic nutrition, natural spa therapies and mindfulness work in harmony to achieve sound physical and emotional inner beauty. After all, a healthy body and mind means a radiant outer glow.

Feeling beautiful and looking beautiful go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking for a tailored nutrition programme or some well-earned ‘me time’ in the salon, our team of experienced therapists can help you to achieve the best version of you, inside and out.

The power of learning, through enriching, open-ended experiences for all age groups

We believe that grown-ups and children never stop learning. From our magical children’s play and learn space, rich in interactive details, to inspiring events and seminars for adults, we offer enriching learning opportunities for all age groups.

Above all, Cloud Twelve’s ever-evolving community is a constant source of inspiration and connectivity. Sparks of creativity and reassurance fly when we surround ourselves with friends old and new; often a casual conversation can be as invaluable as advice from the experts.

Conscious living – minimising our impact on the source of essential nourishment

We want to create a unique environment, offering organic, natural and sustainable solutions to support our modern lifestyles. Responsible living practices and the protection of the environment are key principles of the Cloud Twelve philosophy, and we hope to share with members our enthusiasm and passion for greener, more responsible and sustainable living.

In our polluted environment today, it can be challenging to access clean, toxin-free drinking water. Our state-of-the-art purification technology ensures only the purest drinking water is found throughout our club.


Love is at our core and drives everything that we do, extending from our staff and clients to our environment. By taking time to look after and nurture ourselves, our loved ones and the world we live in, we start an infinite, positive ripple effect on the mind, our emotions, and ultimately our interactions with the world around us. Love is what makes us complete. Love is all there is.