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Julie French Treatments Menu

Julie French Treatments Menu

During her 30 years in the aesthetic industry, Julie Jacob French has treated hundreds of high-profile clients. As an expert in high-tech machinery, particularly Focus Dual by Lynton, she has a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the skin. Her goal is to help you achieve smooth, glowing, toned and lifted skin without the use of injectables.

It's no secret that your skin changes as you age. Whether you notice a loss of elasticity or volume, a few fine lines here and there, or discolouration where you didn't use to have it, these changes can be a bit stressful as you try to navigate what to do to combat these changes.

Your 30s are when you start to see some early signs of ageing and the first effects of sun damage that most likely happened in your teenage years or 20s. Your skin's repair system slows down, which means that skin can appear

Decreased collagen production means that your skin will appear less tight, so you might see early wrinkles and thinner skin overall (especially in the under eyes, where we can see the blood vessels beneath and then discolouration).

Focus Dual offers a unique combination of the latest clinically proven technologies for the face. Radio Frequency Microneedling and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound come together to give maximum skin rejuvenation results for all skin types and tones.

With these gold standard technologies, every type of skin can be treated at EVERY layer to lift, firm and tighten. Julie works Wednesdays at Cloud Twelve and is available for a consultation to discuss any skin concerns you may have.

Treatments Menu

Treatment TypeDuration (mins)Pride Single Session (£)Price Course of 3 (£)
HIFU Eye lift30180500
HIFU Eyes and forehead45275700
HIFU Neck45350950
HIFU Décolleté604501200
HIFU Half Face454001100
HIFU Full Face756001600
HIFU Full Face & Neck907502000
HIFU Scars and Strech marks30250
HIFU 1 body area60450
HIFU 2 body areas90750
RFM Acne scarring cheeks30220600
RFM Wrinkles around eyes3o250700
RFM Décolleté45190500
RFM Full Face903901000
RFM Full Face And Neck1205001350
RFM Scars and Strech marks30175
RFM 1 body area60250
RFM 2 body areas90500
FOCUS DUAL Full Face908002200
FOCUS DUAL Full Face & neck1209502300
FOCUS DUAL Décolleté 604751200
Illumi Facial45175