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Babysitting and Home Services

A child is using crayons to draw

The Cloud Twelve Family Space offers home babysitting services for members.

We understand continuity of care is paramount for our little ones. Our babysitters will each be familiar with your child, offering safe, confidential and supportive childcare from 7:30am in your home. Babysitters will follow the protocols and policies of the Cloud Twelve Family Space, assuring the highest standard of care is maintained.


A child is playing in our Creche Notting Hill London

We have equipped our crèche with a variety of learning resources to enrich children’s development in language, mathematics and the world around them, through botany and zoology games and activities. Our practitioners provide regular circle group sessions throughout the day, with a focus on expressive arts such as drama, singing, stories and rhymes, aimed at encouraging children to foster relationships and build their social and emotional resilience.

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Family Wellness

Children playing and are supervised by a parent

As a wellness-focused space, Cloud Twelve offers a variety of holistic health services, where parents can access support relating to natural medicine and nutrition, infant development and family wellness. We provide a variety of consultancy sessions and other opportunities  to enrich both you and your child.

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Play Zone

A child is playing at Cloud Twelve's play zone

The Kids Club hosts a unique open-ended play and learn area specifically designed for optimal child development. Suitable for children aged 0 to 11 years, our custom-made tools help your child build relationships and develop communication skills using critical and creative thinking, while physically challenging themselves in our magical forest-themed play zone.

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