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Keratin treatments are increasingly popular with individuals who want to eliminate frizz and make their hair stronger. A keratin treatment will smoothen the hair, adding shine and manageability. Cloud Twelve uses the product INOAR Brazilian Vegan Tanino (100% vegan) for this specific treatment. It's a unique formula consisting of mainly vegetable Keratin, organic acids and oils. Its biggest strength is to offer a spectacular result of shine and hydration as well as a smooth finish which provides an instant anti-frizz effect. This treatment can provide results lasting up to 6 months. 

Keratin Smoothing Treatment (includes blow dry)

ServicePrice (time)
Short HairFrom £160 (90 min)
Medium HairFrom £200 (105 min)
Long HairFrom £250 (120 min +)

Olaplex (30 min)£60
Aveda Hair Mask£15