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Expert: Lana Buckley Treatments

Lana Buckley

Introducing Lana

Lana Buckley is a top beauty therapist and internationally certified facial massage expert with long-term experience. Being a sculptural face massage specialist, her philosophy promotes careful treatment of individual conditions. Lana will be offering her treatments at The Spa at Cloud Twelve every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3rd May 2022. All bookings will include complimentary use of Thermal Suite (Sauna, Steam & Himalayan Salt Room).

Being an author of various articles and courses in skincare, face and neck self-massage, Lana is also a practicing beauty therapist who provides private consultations.

An author of the facial massage technique Line of Beauty which aims at facial balance taking into account an individual type of ageing.

Lana is the only certified Sculpture Buccal massage expert in the UK, trained at the Joelle Ciocco’s Paris Academy, which is renowned for its ultra-efficient facial massage techniques.

One of Lana’s beauty secrets is a correct daily skincare routine according to one’s skin type and conditions.

Lana’s ultimate pleasure is to bring joy to a rejuvenation process, not only by improvement in physical appearance but by changing the attitude towards ageing. Lana gives hope that beauty is beyond time. This is possible as youth and beauty are not only the way you look but the way you feel within yourself.

Lana’s entire methodology strives precisely to save the gift which nature endowed you with, constantly evolving yourself without concerns about age!

Sculptural Buccal Massage. Joelle Ciocco Technique

Lana Buckley is the only certified facial massage expert in the UK, who has mastered the original Joelle Ciocco’s Sculpture Buccal facial massage. The Sculptural Buccal Massage is an innovative deep facial massage technique which results in skin rejuvenation, sculpting the face contours and restoring the muscle tone. Delicately stimulating every muscle of your face, ligaments and bones of your skull, thoroughly working fibrosis, releasing spasms and muscle tensions. The Sculptural Buccal Massage helps to kick-start the internal body system for full body rejuvenation. This facial massage is a therapy which stays with you for life!

For optimal long-lasting results the massage is recommended once a week for 8-10 weeks.

75 mins - £250

Lana Buckley Bespoke Face Massage "Line of Beauty"

Long-term experience, knowledge of anatomy and a wide range of massage therapy skills, from the classic facial to the innovative deep tissue massage, led me to develop the unique Lana Buckley’s massage technique Line of Beauty. This massage is personalised to your individual needs, age, face shape and skin conditions. You will see the result immediately after the first session! Lifted face, sculpted jawline, defined cheekbones, plumper lips, high forehead, eye-opening effect and the pleasant sensation of a light, slim face. You will always enjoy your mirror image, and your friends will ask you whether you had plastic surgery! After the first session you won’t be able to deny yourself the pleasure of having it again!

Treatment includes:

  • Skin analysis / skin care consultation
  • Preparation of the skin (cleansing, exfoliating, toner, serum and mask at the end of treatment)
  • Face massage including décolletage, neck, shoulder, head areas
  • Skin care products recommendations
  • 75 mins - £250

    Deep Cleansing

    The main aim is deep skin cleansing according to skin conditions. The treatment is based on the step-by-step protocol, which never repeats itself and is personalised to your needs and conditions. The step-by-step protocol includes a mix of traditional technique, modern technologies and efficient cosmetics which results in excellent skin cleansing and rejuvenation.

    Treatment includes:

  • Skin analysis /consultation  
  • Skin preparation  
  • Manual extraction  
  • Darsonval treatment  
  • LED lamp  
  • Skin care products recommendations 
  • 75-90 mins - £230

    Private Consultation. Skincare Routine & Alphabet of Self- Massage

    A unique chance to get a private consultation that takes into account your individual needs.

    After a thorough interview and a skin analysis you receive valuable recommendations in skincare which help you to improve face and neck skin health. You will learn skincare routine steps and basic skin cleansing methods using a simple and effective technique. You will learn types of massage strokes which are designed only for you. Self-massage treatment helps to release muscle tensions, promote blood circulation, lymph flow and muscle tone. Practising the self-massage everyday, you will be constantly pleased with its stunning rejuvenation effect.

    85 mins - £300