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Health & Cancer Coaching

Health Coach, Nutrition and Cancer

Health coaching enables people to create real change in every aspect of their life, including their diet, fitness level, career, relationships, home environment and general wellness. Alexandra can assist with a range of health-related issues including weight loss, stress, digestive problems, blood sugar regulation and chronic conditions such as Cancer. These coaching tools include meal plans, exercise and sleep routines, stress management and problem- solving strategies for an uplifting lifestyle.

Benefits of Health & Cancer Coaching:

Restores a sense of control and self-confidence
Enables patients to better navigate their health journey
Provides emotional support for stress & wellbeing
Guides patients towards an optimised lifestyle


  • 15-minute initial phone consultation
  • 1 Coaching Appointment (90-minute session)
  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Recommendations to improve condition(s) and wellbeing through The Pillars of Wellbeing personalised plan

Initial Session: £149

Follow-up Sessions: 50 minutes: £110 | 30 minutes: £79



Stress Healing

Stress is essential for survival. However, when our coping mechanisms become weak, our entire immune system becomes affected. This is a specialised form of subtle energy medicine where the focus is on the easing and release of built up tensions and giving clients a number of appropriate self-help techniques. Through guided meditation these sessions offer you the tools to release that overwhelming feeling.


First consultation 50 min - £119

Follow-ups 35 min - £89

Package of four sessions: £300



Crystal Therapy 

Crystal healing is a practice that involves using crystals and gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Its history spans various cultures and eras including the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Hindus and Buddhists.

Crystals are used as tools to help shape and focus healing energies within the auric field in order to bring balance and harmony. Crystals, through their atomic structure, colour, and chemical composition, contain a number of special vibrational properties that interact with us on many levels. It is this orderly structure that enables crystals to absorb, reflect, transform, balance, amplify, clear, or focus, the energies.

Crystal and Energy therapy both promote clearing, energising, and calming of our general well-being by activating the natural healing process within all of us.

Benefits of Crystal Healing: 

  • Easing of physical and emotional tensions
  • Alleviating stress and anxiety
  • Improving restful sleep
  • Supporting the recovery of existing symptoms
  • Encouraging grounding, clearing and uplifting 


First consultation 50 min - £109

Follow-ups 35 min - £79

Package of three sessions: £215




I met Alexandra a few years ago when I started my healing journey. She has been supporting me through nutrition and health coaching to help me with my endometriosis on top of doing crystal healing sessions. Thanks to her holistic approach towards my health and my wellbeing, I have changed a lot of things in my way of living and thinking. I can't recommend her enough. 

Florence Rebattet – Founder of Kids en Cuisine

Alexandra is the first person introducing me to the naturopathic approach which resonated deeply and helped me a lot. She is super knowledgeable; you feel seen and listened to and I trust her judgement. Alexandra combined a sensitive and intuitive approach with the backing of science.


Eugenie – Health Coach and Art Consultant

I love my sessions with Alexandra! Her approach to healing involves the whole being. She is gifted at assessing my body's imbalances and uses different modalities to restore and harmonise my health. 

She is energetically very perceptive and works not only with my physical body but also with my mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Alexandra is a gifted, compassionate and a true gem! I highly recommend her!


Kimberly - Intuitive Animal Healer