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Well, well, well: your guide to wellness in 2019

Match your outfit to your workout and you’ll see results, says Hannah Rochell
‘I’ve never been a dedicated gym-goer (my local David Lloyd once called to check I was okay) but last January I figured a few new purchases might help to spur some enthusiasm. And interestingly, I’ve stuck to my regime ever since. Perhaps there’s some psychology behind it...

Sanae Baba at Cloud Twelve

Blending craniosacral work, reflexology and acupuncture, this is the one-stop shop to make you feel better. £120 for 60 minutes... (

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Tags: Craniosacral Therapy | Author: Rebecca Newman

Tatler 2019 Spa Guide

The last time I visited Notting Hill’s Colville Mews was in August 2011, to pick up my wedding dress from the Alice Temperley boutique. Since then, I’ve had two children and little reason to return to the pretty cobbled through-road, lovely though it is...

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Herbal Grows Up

DOES a pounding head see you reaching for the ibuprofen? Well perhaps you shouldn’t - because in the same way that we’re taking greater care over our clothes, food and skin product...

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