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The New Family-Friendly Members' Club You Need To Know About

Cloud Twelve, the new family-friendly members’ club in Notting Hill is the brainchild of former fund manager, Jenya Emets. Qualifying in herbal medicine as naturopath and herbalist whilst working in banking, her aim was to create a space that focused on togetherness. “There are clubs for adults and clubs for kids, but it always tends to be one or the other - nothing that caters to both. So the goal with Cloud Twelve was to create something where no-one’s experience is compromised.”

You can read the full feature in more detail here

Tags: Membership Club | Author: Jessica Diner

Sustainability with Aequem

Co-founder of the sustainable fashion company Aequem, Magda Daniloaia shares her views on how lockdown has impacted the fashion world and consumer behaviour.

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