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Testing, testing: The new clever health checks in town

If you’ve started to meet every ‘How are you?’ with a variation of ‘Great! Just so stressed,’ it might be prudent to address the situation — if only so your friends don’t stop talking to you altogether.

Entrust yourself to Jenya Emets, naturopath, herbalist and founder of Notting Hill’s chicest wellness club, Cloud Twelve (60-minute consultation, £150).

‘Chronic stress can develop into adrenal fatigue, when the adrenals get worn out by producing too much cortisol,’ says Emets. ‘An Adrenal Stress Profile test (£107) can give me a picture of how your body is responding to stress by measuring the cortisol levels in your saliva throughout the day. Levels should be highest just after waking and lowest at bedtime, but if your cortisol cycle is out of balance, you might have trouble getting up or going to sleep at night. Cortisol also encourages your body to store fat, especially around your middle.’

Once your results are in, Emets will prescribe a holistic anti-stress strategy — a combination of adaptogenic herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle tweaks that will get your adrenals playing nice again. (

You can read the full feature in more detail here

Tags: Herbal Medicine | Author: Sophie Qureshi

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