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Positive Affirmations for Kids

Are you concerned about the impact of this pandemic on your child’s future?

With 1 in 8 children in the UK being diagnosed with a mental health problem and many struggling with low self-esteem, children need more support than ever to navigate through life’s challenges. At this time of great uncertainty, children are either developing the beliefs that the world is a scary place and they can merely survive, or they are developing the beliefs that challenges are opportunities for growth and they can thrive in the most difficult times.

Parents play a crucial role in the development of a child’s belief systems and greatly influence their children’s overall wellbeing. Developing a positive mindset from an early age can be linked to a variety of specific developmental outcomes related to social and emotional wellbeing, as well as academic achievement.

Understanding Behaviour

When children misbehave, they are communicating with us in code. A child’s behaviour is only what appears on the surface. Hidden below the surface are the beliefs triggering that behaviour, and the child’s deepest need for belonging (connection) and significance (contribution). Too often children form a “mistaken belief” about how to seek belonging and significance and they misbehave.

For instance:

  • A child who seeks attention may believe, “I belong only when I’m being noticed or receiving special service.”
  • A child who displays stubbornness or defiance may believe, “I belong only when I am the boss, in control, or proving no one can boss me.”

Our role is to help children find belonging and significance in socially useful ways by giving them power through choices and opportunities to contribute. In addition to developing a growth mindset by teaching them that mistakes are opportunities for growth.

How can we develop positive belief systems from an early age?

How many times as a child did you hear “Don’t do that!”, “Listen to me when I’m talking to you” or “You’re naughty”?

These messages can start creating self-doubt and negative thought patterns (like “I’m not worthy of love” or ‘I’m not good enough”), meaning we end up making choices that limit our potential as we grow. And as adults, we have to try and remove this emotional baggage.

Research shows that we develop our belief systems from the moment we’re born and are largely formed by the age of 7. These beliefs are the foundation for our whole lives. Children who have a negative / fixed mindset will feel they’re stuck with the situations they’re in and the skills they have. Teaching them that they can grow and improve themselves, doesn’t just help them face challenges better, it helps them to achieve their dreams!

To help children become aware of themselves, explore their feelings and a sense of connection with the world, practice daily affirmations together from an early age. This forms your child’s values, develops positive beliefs, and encourages a growth mindset that builds confidence as they grow.

How are iGROWco Sprouts Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids Unique?

A unique formula: Affirm - Breathe - Connect (ABC), 7 playful, relatable, diverse characters and a captivating design, make them a treasured addition to your home, and allow you and your child go deeper and connect the affirmation to your daily lives. Help your child follow our “ABC”. It’s a special moment that you can share together. Repetition is key to their success. The more we practice, the stronger that belief becomes.

To learn more AND get your own deck of iGROWco Sprouts Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids with 20% OFF, go to and use code CT2020.

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At a time of heightened anxiety, stress and uncertainty, both parents and their children will benefit from iGROWco’s FREE Happy Resilient Kids Facebook LIVE sessions as we navigate the ’next normal’. Tune in for fun and interactive sessions for you and your kids, weekdays at 8:15am. These 15 minute, child let, sessions include – movement, a mindful activity, sharing gratitudes, positive affirmations, song and dance and a growth mindset activity. Join here.

If you love what iGROWco are all about you can also support their Kickstarter Campaign to help them bring their products into the hands of more families and schools who need them most. You can support them by making a pledge and spreading the word with friends and family. Every little bit helps! Make your pledge here.

Annabel Zicker
Wellbeing Coach & Founder of

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