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Clinic Room Hire

The Wellness Clinic at Cloud Twelve

Our Wellness Clinic at a Glance

A holistic approach with natural health therapies focused on prevention.

Sustainable wellness programmes tailored to clients’ needs.

In-house Herbal Dispensary and bespoke herbal remedies to support your patients’ needs.

Health and beauty-focused educational events and seminars.

We have 4 rooms across The Wellness Clinic available for ad hoc and long term hire. These are open to all practitioners and therapists pending a qualification and insurance vetting process.

All rooms available 7 days a week: Tues - Sat (9am - 7pm) & Sun (9am - 6pm)

Therapies Offered: Herbal medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, diagnostic testing, colonic irrigation, infrared therapy, private yoga and sound healing.

Email: [email protected] to find out more