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At Cloud Twelve, we believe in a 360 approach to health and wellness, and fitness is just one of the many ways to achieve total balance.

We currently offer Yoga, Dynamic Pilates, Immersive Barre, Sculpt Classes, as well as Personal Training.

If you would like a nutritional plan to support your health and wellness journey, get in touch with the Wellness Team here.


11am – Yoga with Suzie

4.30pm – Dynamic Pilates with Aimee


10am – Level Up Barre with Millie


9.30am – Yoga with Suzie

10.45am – Level Up Glide & Sculpt with Millie


10am – Level Up Glide & Sculpt with Aimee

4.30pm – Level Up Glide & Sculpt with Aimee

6pm – Yoga with Suzie


9.45am – Level Up Dynamic Pilates with Millie

11am – Yoga with Suzie

Yoga Notting Hill
Yoga Notting Hill


Achieving emotional, mental, and physical balance is an important part of our philosophy at Cloud Twelve. We believe this is the key to living longer and happier lives amidst our increasingly hectic lifestyles.

One well-known way to reach this equilibrium is through the ancient practice of yoga.

Vinyasa flow yoga dates back over a thousand years and is known as ‘flow’ because of the poses that are seamlessly strung together, using calm and controlled breaths. This allows for increased strength and flexibility, without the strain. The beauty of Vinyasa is that no two classes are ever alike, as there is no standard sequence.

Level Up Notting Hill
Level Up Notting Hill

Level Up

With over 10 years at some of London’s top studios, the Level Up duo Aimee and Millie have honed their Dynamic Pilates, Sculpt and Immersive Barre sessions to both challenge and strengthen. Using dynamic exercises they focus on form and technique, while also reintroducing the concept of ‘fun’ within training, helping you learn to just let go and let the body express itself; taking you on a journey where will you will grow both physically and mentally.